Expandium announces MonitorQOS v2

Expandium, a leading provider of monitoring and troubleshooting solutions for telecom and railway operators, today announced the latest release of MonitorQOS. Leveraging cost-efficient Big Data technologies, MonitorQOS aims to disrupt the market offering by implementing a high-end nationwide network-monitoring solution hosted on asingle server.

MonitorQOS, a web-based application, enables users to build their own customizable dashboard and create all the KPIs they need for their daily work. It uses charts, graphs and maps to provide its users with instant snapshots of the network’s health.

Completely redeveloped to offer even greater performances, it now includes a new data-graphing engine, with the same customizable KPI-building capabilities its users appreciate most. Many enhancements have been made –more than 300 compared to the already popular v1– based on customer feedback.

MonitorQOS delivers improved performance, faster response-time and better ergonomics while maintaining its same scalability and open architecture.

When used in conjunction with its sister (but optional) solution SecureQOS, MonitorQOS v2 also delivers a highly requested feature: the capability to drill-down, via simple click, and investigate to the root cause of any detected dysfunctions giving access to all details contained in xDRs or, if needed, bits and bytes. This time-saving features allows the users to focus on what’s important: the network’s quality-of-service.

“The functionalities we have added increases the uniqueness of our product.” says Fabrice Chesneau, Product Manager at Expandium. “MonitorQOS can now process in real-time all existing data sources with an operator, therefore adding value to existing operator’s monitoring and troubleshooting solutions, either probe-based or probeless. More generally speaking, it has become the generic stream-processing component of a big data platform operators are now building.”

Contact us if you would like to know more about MonitorQOS or if you would like a free demo.


Source : Expandium

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